Suggested template for making an offer on a property in NSW

  • A template which you might want to consider is as follows:

“Please can you ask whether the vendor would accept a price of ${insert price}.

We are motivated and committed purchasers, and our offer would only be subject to a satisfactory [pest and building inspection][strata report]{delete which ever is inapplicable}, legal review of the contract [and an update from a financier with respect to our existing finance approval]{delete if finance is not required}. These matters are all in hand and can be finalized as soon as we get agreement from the vendor on price.

{Insert the following only if necessary:} The only other additional requirements we have are:

  • A 5% deposit
  • A 60 day settlement period
  • A 10 day cooling off period
  • [Any other specific requirements but try and keep concise]



As a minimum, we would recommend you have finance pre-approval (if necessary) before making any offers.